Mission Statement: The New Alchemists build power and possibility for diverse communities through theatre, film, and music.

From running an interdisciplinary art festival in Hawai’i; to collaborating with the Latino Development of WA to run an Art Lab at Monroe Correctional Facility; to serving on the Creative Advisory Council for the Coyote Creek Music  Festival - our members are busy doing work at the intersection of professional art-making, community-building, and racial and social equity. We believe that in the face of all the troubles our communities currently face - we’re going to need creative thinking to get out of this mess. The arts - and artists in particular - have a key role to play in helping to creatively address these issues. 


We believe that access to art is a human right. 

We believe that art should:

1) Be Equitable: We are strengthened by inclusion. We acknowledge and celebrate the full human experience.

2) Be Built with, by, and for Communities: We are responsible for genuinely crafting creative experiences in an evolving world with evolving people. 

3) Be Transformative: We acknowledge the transformative power of art and performance to change the lives of individuals, and communities at large.

4) Be Experiential: We believe that new forms of creativity should be practiced, and cross-sector relationships cultivated, to engage and stimulate the community.

5) Ask Questions: We want our work to inspire audiences to problem-solve better solutions for an equitable future​.